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Pharma Hygiene

Pharma Hygiene

Partnering for disinfection & helping create sterile environment in pharma manufacturing

Pharma Hygiene is of extreme importance as it involves manufacturing of pharmaceutical products that go into human life care and safety.There are various regulatory guidelines for maintenance of high level of hygiene at personal & production levels.Pharmaceutical companies need to guarantee hygienic production environment to ensure safety from contamination of all sorts and at all levels.There are critical control points that need to be identified and monitored closely & such surfaces should be sampled and tested at regular intervals to maintain higher order of check & control.Besides Good Personal Hygiene, Pharma manufacturing companies need to maintain micro-biological hygiene controls in production rooms, storage spaces, manufacturing equipment & other related surfaces.

Rainchem partners with its pharma clients and help identify the critical areas, offer comprehensive solutions for cleaning, disinfecting & sterlizing and help setup mechanisms to monitor results.Consultants at Rainchem are professionally qualified and trained and with their expertise and guidance, pharma manufacturing companies can achieve their desired goals/objectives with regard to making production environment sterile thereby safer for production and storage.
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