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Industrial Enzymes

Industrial Enzymes

Technology Boosters to Enhance Product Performance

Enzymes have gained immense importance for their widespread use in industry & medicine owing to their stability,catalytic activity and ease in production.Enzymes are technology boosters that are responsible for catalyzing products into optimum performance.Industrial Enzymes find application in pharmaceuticals, Chemical Production, Bio Fuels,Food & Beverage and even consumer products.Biocatalysis through isolated enzymes is considered more economical than use of whole cells.Enzymes may be used as unit of operation within a process to generate a desired product, or may be the product of interest.Industrial biological catalysis through enzymes has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to their ability to operate at mild conditions, and exceptional chiral and positional specificity, things that hydrolytic and isomerization reactions.

Rainchem extends its expertise on Enzyme Technology to Pharma, Food & Detergents industry.Rainchem Enzymes are known for their quality, consistency and product performance.For details,contact Rainchem consultants for your specific Enzymes requirements.
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