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Metal Treatment & Cleaning Care

Metal Treatment & Cleaning Care

We Partner for Metal Treatment & Cleaning Care

Treatment of metal forms a core activity in many industries.It plays an important role in extending the life of metals such as in automotive bodies and construction materials.It has application in cleaning of stainless steel bodies in varied industries.Industries that predominantly require metal treatment include automotive, construction, container manufacturing, electrical and medical industry.Metal treatment is more often a matter of cleaning & surface activation.

Rainchem plays an essential role by providing comprehensive solutions to variety of needs for metal treatment & care

Metal Care involves variety of treatments and chemical actions to meet specific objectives of the industry, namely chemical cleaning, pickling, re-passivation of stainless steel and even removal of surface deposits from molding tools etc.The product range includes degreasers, cold tar cleaners, pickling & passivating liquids, descalants and host of products for other varied applications.
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