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Food Safety & Kitchen Hygiene

Food Safety & Kitchen Hygiene

Partnering with customers, help create safer and hygienic environment in & around food premises

Food Safety is a science involving handling, preparation, storage and servicing food in ways that prevent food borne illnesses.A number of routines have to be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards including food poisoning.Rainchem is fully equipped to understand, assess and evaluate the critical needs of Kitchen & Food Processing units with regard to maintenance of highest standards of hygiene with zero tolerance to food contamination.Rainchem has a unique hygiene security program for its clients that integrate products, processes, training and measurement systems.Through these unique hygiene security programs, the customer is at minimal risk on food safety/care with lesser overall cost.

Besides the world class solutions for Food Safety & Kitchen Hygiene, Rainchem extends to its clients other value added services including hygiene audits based on HACCP, Training programs for optimum resource utilization, technical & consultative support on related issues.For Enquires, click here

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